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Prostitution in Algeria: Free or Forced?

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This exhibit examines the polarized and contradictory depictions of Algerian women's agency at the time of French conquest, as described in the second edition of On Prostitution in the City of Paris (1857).

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The Business of Sex Work


This exhibit shows how sex work is a legitimate business, from its existence in an economic market, and should therefore be decriminalized. Decriminalization would benefit both sides of the market for sex work. Along with decriminalization, laws should still exist to create safer circumstances for the women and enact better business practices for the market. 

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College Student Sex Workers

This exhibit examines the lives of college student sex workers in various parts of the world. A recurring theme among the narratives of prostitutes is their poverty and lack of agency. Yet, college student sex workers are a minority group within prostitutes, as many of them come from privileged backgrounds, but choose to enter prostitution to attain prestige. They can be compared to grisettes in 1830’s France, who developed relationships with male students in pursuit of social mobility. 

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